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Liquid Crystal Monomer
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NO Product name CAS No. Structure purity Package
1 p-pentylcyclohexanol See >99.5% 规格
2 p-butylcyclohexanol See >99.5% 规格
3 p-propylcyclohexanol See >99.5% 规格
4 4-penty phenyl acetylene 79887-16-4 See >99.5% 规格
5 4-butyl phenyl acetylene 79887-09-5 See >99.5% 规格
6 4-Propylphenylacetylene 62452-73-7 See >99.5% 规格
7 4- ethylphenylacetylene 40307-11-7 See >99.5% 规格
8 4-pentylphenol See >99.7% 规格
9 4-propylphenol See >99.6% 规格
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